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The New Polo

Volkswagen has consistently improved on the polo generation after generation and it's no different with this one. They have created a stunning hot hatch... its gorgeous. The new body of the polo is longer and wider and thus allowed them to have the front and rear wheels wider apart which should give it better handling but also gave space to the interior. Passengers in the rear will experience much more leg room and a more comfortable sitting angle for their backs.

The dashboard looks and feels costly, they have put a colour customizable panel running all the way across the dash and protrudes to the both passenger and driver's door pannel. The center console where you find the climate controls and two USB ports is also laced with a similar colour pannel. The infotainment system at the center of the dash is slightly tilted towards the driver's side, that tilt together with the feature full steering wheel and the beautiful digital gauges makes it feel like being at the helm of a spaceship in the driver's seat, not that we've been in a spaceship but it sure is great to feel you could be in one as you drive along in the polo.

On the outside you will find the headlights are wider which may seem unusual for a polo but you quickly get used to them as you gaze deeper into the led lights. On the sides you'll find some new lines running across to the back making the polo look sporty. The rear side now has smaller taillights placed at far ends making the car look even wider. The car is shorter than the previous model. Overall really exiting car

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